About Me

Hi! I'm Sumaiya Mirza

It’s never NO to food for me. Even though I try to stay healthy and fit, I tumble upon the thousands of recipe and turn unhealthy food into healthier ones. 

Food is something that you should enjoy rather than just eating. If you think the same, join my blog to stay tuned.

About My Recipes

There are dozens of recipes lying around everywhere on the internet. Some can be healthy, some unhealthy, while some tasty or some just plain.

I started this blog to compile recipe that is healthy, tasty and as well as Good Looking (Well, you gotta post it right, *wink* *wink*)

Not all my recipes are researched and founded, some are modified version of what’s available currently to make them even more healthier and tastier. 

We plan everything before it goes online, and we can reassure you that they will definitely turns out to be your hearty meals.

When I looked around, there were very less food blogs around from India especially Hyderabad. All mainstream Food Bloggers just use Instagram and be a micro blogger and doesn’t have actual blog.

Yes, I do. However, Products should be related to Food. You’re definitely welcome to submit your own recipe and I will consider it after I review it.

Nope, that’s tough. I have my partner with me to help me out there. He also happen to teach finance at his blog.

Recipe Reviews

OMGG! I tried their two recipes and guess what? I drooled and you guys should definitely try out their recipes... Cuz the food is delicious and you never have to worry of getting fat easily above all its not junk.
Marwa Arif Samar
Recipe Taster

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