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The Oven Bun, started in 2020 as a mere food blog from the city of Hyderabad, India. The passion of starting a food blog comes from the founder of The Oven Bun, Sumaiya Mirza along with Emad, after an urge to teach people the art of cooking food and introduce them to newer recipes from all around the world. 

It all started down with this blog idea, and we worked tirelessly to collect the recipes from around the world matching our ethnicity or any recipe that make us relish the dish prepared. The Oven Bun is going cover all major ethnicity main courses, drinks, baked items, appetizers and even all our favorite desserts.

In future, we are willing to review our best restaurants out there where you can just go and enjoy the food like we did. Everything takes time, We are thrilled to tell you to stick with us in this journey and it will be wonderful. 

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Our Achievements

We have not achieved the most yet, but we believe we will once. Everything big goes in here and you will get to see it. Enjoy the little happiness with us by being a part of us.



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About The Real Us!

A coffee fanatic and a hunter of recipes for The Oven Bun, I guess founder too. A certified food geek with a constructive personality. You can say, a wannabe food lover, maybe? or No.

Sumaiya Mirza

Founder, Recipe Hunter, The Oven Bun

A general web nerd and an ex-foodie who is now back in business. Total introvert and the internet geek. Currently thinking out of the box working with The Oven Bun.

Emad Iqbal

Co-Founder, The Oven Bun

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