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The Delicious Kebab

The Chicken Pieces finely cut and marinated with exclusive recipe with pinch of sweetness and spiciness is held on stick and grilled. It is served along with Veggie Salad and tangy chutney.

Our Exclusive Recipes

Shahi Suji Halwa

The Semolina Based Sweetness Filled North Indian Dessert

Grilled Beef Kebab

The Steak Pieces Grilled With Special Marination served with Chutney & Salad

Iced Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon flavored and iced bun gives you a sweet tangy explosion in mouth

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Our Recipes

All Time Favorite: The Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Our mouth watering recipe for the day is the all time favorite "Goes With Beverage" one called The Cinnamon Rolls. It is filled with grounded cinnamon powder fillings and is baked just like the other buns. Although this recipe is time consuming but...

Mouth Watering Grilled Beef Malai Boti Kebab Recipe

Kebabs generally consist of meat and vegetables on a skewer and are grilled on burning charcoal. However, Kebab’s main ingredients may vary, lamb, beef, fish, or chicken as well as vegetables like green peppers, onions, etc. The term shish kebab...

The Delicious Desi Shahi Suji Halwa Recipe

One of the easiest North Indian dessert one could relish its sweetness and satisfy their own sweet cravings. The Shahi Suji Halwa recipe is made with a main ingredient Semolina. This sweet dessert is often enjoyed on festivals like Eid, Diwali and...

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